The Poetic Debate

Poetry is never unexplained but misunderstood quite often. Where poetry is birthed from and the circumstances it narrates can be unrelatable.

A keen poet is inspired by unusual incidents, experiences, unsaid feelings, silence, chatter, anger, sadness, happiness, and many other nuances of life discovered on compassionately looking and listening to myriad reflections.

Poets are travelers through ages; continuity of ceaseless seeking and learning. It’s an uninterrupted communication with the world, as it speaks of changes.

Changes of such magnitude are either overlooked or incomprehensible. Being an ear to such changes he can listen to so many stories.

A poet usually never explains his poetry, but wraps them in mysterious and cryptic metaphors.

The spirit of poetry is mystical! The reader should have literary inclination to unravel as much as possible. Poetry is generous when a reader shows interest along with perceptiveness.

Poetry is more than Art. A poet embraces the entire dimension of existence through poetry. Reading poetry is a recitation in silence; it’s the reverberation that wakes up the senses.

Poetry takes time to connect with the soul for it is a mysteriously serious reflection of life. Once you connect with poetry, you will find the cadence of life. Poetic truth can open new vistas of existence!


6 thoughts on “The Poetic Debate

  1. The fragrant essence of poetry brought out so well Amitav. I am still learning and exploring the nuances of wrapping the emotions with words. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post on the facets and art of poetry and the poet.

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    1. Thank you so much, Radhika. Poetry is a learning process, and every day, as long as a I write, it will continue to be so. I will try share more thoughts to reflect on poetry and to bring some clarity of the simple complexities. Happy to have awesome readers and fellow poets due to which poetry is only blossoming.

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