You may not always see the trap

Sometimes, you may feel something’s amiss

Words have been arranged to ensnare

Beautifully crafted- fancy and clever trap

There are strainers too, clogged and smelly

Words’ stench and stuck forever

Some new one will be poured through

Again, it’s a network of sifters

What pours through is a pungent liquid

Smells abominable with repugnant ideas

Words caught in the offensive mesh-work

Even the eyes view netted patterns 

There’s no escape from reiterating 

But weak words smell pungent

They had to pass through the clogged mesh

It’s a mess! Words have to be scraped off

From the heap of that atrocious trap

Falling into that trap is easy

Foul-languages seems to be cathartic

Warped ideologies spell proficiently


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