Distant Affinity

Yawning eyes, tired tongue, and scattered thoughts Yes, it’s a predicament that may not go away soon Unmethodical tantrums set an upsetting rhythm A thousand chimes in the mind hit the neurons Fidgety fingers cannot point at the specific areas Strolling aimlessly in a zig-zag way of flippancy Affinity is a distant idea for the neglected thoughts ~Amitav Continue reading Distant Affinity

Altered Course

What if night altered its course and morning is never of the same temper? Tired of the squabbles and vacuous dialogues, they change their focus elsewhere Ignoble thoughts cloud days forever and lack of communication further dissolves dialogues Fate is caused by the choices that are contrary to nature’s distinct course through a universe  Contemptuous diversions and exclusions are cunningly planned by inimical forces Of … Continue reading Altered Course