Cherished Dreams

When you find no other way to ascend higher Trust the soul to build you a stair, for you can see the Earth’s beauty As the soul is also hungry for happiness  Pure bliss that no one can touch; only blessed by the glorious light This lifts the spirit from slumber and prepares for a journey Sleepy, confounded eyes no more, dreams brighten their spark … Continue reading Cherished Dreams

Read, Reflect, and Write

Your writing reflects what you read. Reading is an essential lifeline that keeps the mind running beyond the boundaries. Any genre of literature is like an unknown wandering with twists and turns. How the mind maneuvers through unknown territory while gathering knowledge, depend on interpretation skills. Even to read your own work and craft them with essential creative philosophies require keen eyes. Publish what you … Continue reading Read, Reflect, and Write


Cleanse the soul of the passion of imitating tragic sentiments Fear be thrown into the inferno of celestial rage Crawl out of the tunnel that leads to the epicentre of tragedy Soul governs life when the inimical aura is obliterated Tragic elements sedate the senses; a poisonous energy flows Consequences are born of actions that are prohibited by the universe Life weakens at the persistence … Continue reading Sanctify