Cherished Dreams

When you find no other way to ascend higher

Trust the soul to build you a stair, for you can see the Earth’s beauty

As the soul is also hungry for happiness 

Pure bliss that no one can touch; only blessed by the glorious light

This lifts the spirit from slumber and prepares for a journey

Sleepy, confounded eyes no more, dreams brighten their spark

Yearnings have the freedom to go higher to reach for dreams

Once you descend, the Earth will feel transformed and adorable


6 thoughts on “Cherished Dreams

  1. This poem is so apt for me now… I have been reading 2 books on spirituality about Earth. And I am on a quest to discover me, to tear apart the ribbons of fear, the insecurity. To see what is in me, and to be fearless in standing up for me.
    I have been given so many signs in the past 2 weeks to keep moving ahead. Your poem is another one. Thank you for that.
    If you hadn’t commented on my post, I would have missed this. This is all kismet, everything is supposed to happen this way.
    Thank you Amitav

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    1. Aahh, nice that you mention kismet. I feel, when one is seeking passionately, there are those subtle signs and energy surrounding you to guide. Once you touch your soul and speak to the eternal being in you, your questions will be answered, gradually.
      You mention fear; it is subconsciously instilled in our mind to tackle the many uncertainties on Earth, the same place that is born of the eternal universe is so grey and tragic, can become a true paradise with our effort and goodwill. The world needs more love and compassion.
      I am happy this poem resonated with you.


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