Read, Reflect, and Write

Your writing reflects what you read. Reading is an essential lifeline that keeps the mind running beyond the boundaries. Any genre of literature is like an unknown wandering with twists and turns. How the mind maneuvers through unknown territory while gathering knowledge, depend on interpretation skills.

Even to read your own work and craft them with essential creative philosophies require keen eyes.

Publish what you are proud of and will willingly read even a decade later, or even further down the journey, to inspire the writer’s mind.

It is easy to generate copious amount of writing and fill pages as demanded, but it takes discipline and character to publish a work that will endure through the ages.

Writing or any creative work should be perceptive enough to guide the reader to a grand vision of life, which opens the mind to new thinking and new-age of thinking. It is not only about observations, but also, a sense of responsibility to introduce new ideologies. A philosophy of writing has to be profound! If writing is not unique or different, the readers will be indifferent.

Writing is to be inspired, to inspire, and inculcate critical thinking to bring minds together for an entertaining and open-minded discussion on life.

Cliché will not even clinch the particle of intellect!


4 thoughts on “Read, Reflect, and Write

  1. You’re right when you say writing needs to be profound and we need to guide the reader but i guess writing means what you feel and think about anything under the sun. I believe writing with honesty is what it takes. Once you write with your heart and soul, you’ve readers.

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    1. Yes, I agree, as you said here, “I believe writing with honesty is what it takes”… I would stress on ‘honesty’ and also, inspiration comes from anywhere, because life itself is so profound that we learn every day.


      1. True. And writing is a gift which not only gives you wings but also an ability to think beyond normal and mundane

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