Cleanse the soul of the passion of imitating tragic sentiments

Fear be thrown into the inferno of celestial rage

Crawl out of the tunnel that leads to the epicentre of tragedy

Soul governs life when the inimical aura is obliterated

Tragic elements sedate the senses; a poisonous energy flows

Consequences are born of actions that are prohibited by the universe

Life weakens at the persistence of negativity

Imitating the tragic sentiments of fear and servitude spells doom

That which evolves from the celestial design balances the soul


2 thoughts on “Sanctify

  1. I just went to Tai Chi this morning at a building near my house, unfortunately, it is also a harm reduction drug enabling toxic wasteland. I use to go to find peace and the clash of positive and negative energy was too much for me to endure. Today I looked at it not only as a physical, spiritual training but as inner peace investment in learning to be around people that remind me of the madness of my past that I sometimes created. So now I go and get the positive and leave quickly before I succumb to my environment. When I get acupuncture they tell me not to cross my legs because you creating an energy block so I try not to let the active addicts cross my legs for me.

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