Love loses its way through the complicated wandering of a heart adamantine Crouching along the imposing arches and derelict pillars, it’s an unusual predicament Cryptic glances misinterpreted, some weird tales are woven with incendiary sentiments Base concupiscence diminish the soul of love into an apparition with malevolent feelings For, the arches may twist and pierce the crouching spine like a cunning marksman In excess hues, … Continue reading Accursed

As Night Retires

The night must have thought before parting ways with dreams They cannot rest here forever, it’s morning’s wish to lead them elsewhere How sublime the night was and dreams unreal descended here Cared for till the Earth taught them to speak in a language known to the senses Hoping, the turmoil won’t affect their spirit with some persistent malaise Morning assuages the fears of dreams … Continue reading As Night Retires

Eager Eyes

Eyes eagerly seeking through an interstice, much overjoyed Without the distracting lights, the images emerge from the verge of darkness Like a childish wonder, the eyes roam around in a mystical world No one holds my hand; there are no predators here  Only pure silence and anticipation of emergent illumination  The world feels synchronous, the heart feels vibrant and soul elated About the approaching newness … Continue reading Eager Eyes