Whatever there is, at the depths of the mind Do they exist outside as well?  Or, could they be some parallel entity that a mind is unwilling to reveal With an excessively curious world, where they could take them away Crafted with rudimentary tools and shape them oddly  There’s no chance of consummate care while handling such rare gems All that is natural, stays immaculate … Continue reading Existential

What’s Valued

Where cryptic sarcasm are sold at cheaper values Words mangled and moulded in a sensational pattern Wild, wild, and wild, the decibels decide their share Not here to buy what is being sold, just a reconnaissance Of what is being bargained for; devalued values set Against some diabolical worth of currency in coffers Sarcasm goes to the highest bidder who peddles them Frequently at the … Continue reading What’s Valued

A Fallacy

It is fallacious to think that character is for a masque display Express wonder and applause at all the dialogues and monologues Entertain various interpretations of the masks of each character Distractions of potent illusions and their rehearsed spontaneity Filled with strangeness, the stage is ignited with a tempestuous feel A forced tragedy fortify the plot with numerous ways of deceit What is so rich … Continue reading A Fallacy

It’s Vain

It’s vain to nourish the soul with jealousy and pride The self-traitorous one wants to snatch away someone else’s morsels Innermost greed weakens life’s forces and consumes the soul like ravenous termites Vainglorious wisdom set-off the unfortunate events of destruction Insalubrious mind wouldn’t mind unleashing a tirade against freedom and love Ignorance is unrepentant; a hardened heart and crumbly soul is perfidious Avaricious dreams devour … Continue reading It’s Vain


A pen without ink is worthless But extremely lethal too Sitting there in idleness waiting to wield its dangerous nature Like an unforgiving rapier draws deep furrows across helpless blank pages Transforms into a monster  Extreme psychotic behaviour; runs amok like a naked sword Distraught and wounded pages  Are reminders of a pen without feelings Evils are born from sulking and deep rage Never allow … Continue reading Pen


Veneration for the improbable one who can transform this conception That a mind obeys some diktats of nebulous images of figureheads Shrouded in mysterious senses, with many faces in banal masks While there are numerous possibilities embedded in a real sense of being Wily conceptions alter the reality with engineered seeds; criminality and liability Unhindered vandalism of truth stimulates the rocks to shudder  The archfiend … Continue reading Conception