Writer’s Perspective

Writing is not a task. It is much more than narrating from the peripheral consciousness or just being aware for the sake of flaunting the impressive array of words. A conscious individual’s relationship with the self and humanity! It is not just the culture, thoughts, and historical perspectives but also the subconscious world. This holds much more relevance than we attribute to other factors while interpreting and judging … Continue reading Writer’s Perspective


Probably, stuck somewhere amidst the chaotic perspectives Feels reassuring?  Or, just the comfort of being mollified constantly determines everything There is an aspiration to advance, but the cause isn’t so powerful Enduring the repetitiveness numbs the consciousness Why be so aggrieved from the unfolding events that can alleviate? It’s just that the fire of jealousy burns bright, albeit for a brief moment Askant eyes reflect … Continue reading Confounded

The Hum

Unfluctuating hum drowns most of the conflicting decibels Sparse narratives make a splash into the usual ripples Anguished ears pick up the waves, but seek unfettered sounds As the drama unfolds, there is an unexplainable silence Before deliverance from an unmeaningful communiqué An unknown sailor oars the narratives through safe channels Birds perched on the unreachable boughs monitor the change Probably, the keen eyes visions … Continue reading The Hum