The Hum

Unfluctuating hum drowns most of the conflicting decibels

Sparse narratives make a splash into the usual ripples

Anguished ears pick up the waves, but seek unfettered sounds

As the drama unfolds, there is an unexplainable silence

Before deliverance from an unmeaningful communiqué

An unknown sailor oars the narratives through safe channels

Birds perched on the unreachable boughs monitor the change

Probably, the keen eyes visions flow along the new course

As the abysses are filled and pessimism is flushed out forever

Human faces filled with glee prepare for a new journey

The hum is replaced by an echo from the archetypal universe


2 thoughts on “The Hum

  1. Its beautiful… how did you write this? Did you experience the Hum? I know i shouldn’t be asking this….. but really want to know…. your poems are so deep… the curiosity kills me…. from where do you get these ideas? And i do feel that these re not ideas but experiences.. And I awed at your ability to express your experiences!

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    1. Thank you, Reema. Well, poets reside in solitude, the philosophies gathered from the introspection, perception, analysis, and deconstruction of existing thoughts is a journey that can’t be put into words. Poetry is cryptic too; they speak in such a way to urge the readers to ponder. May be, the poetic ways are of such nature that speaks is that language.

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