Writer’s Perspective

Writing is not a task. It is much more than narrating from the peripheral consciousness or just being aware for the sake of flaunting the impressive array of words. A conscious individual’s relationship with the self and humanity!

It is not just the culture, thoughts, and historical perspectives but also the subconscious world. This holds much more relevance than we attribute to other factors while interpreting and judging behaviour, characteristics, and communication.

Writing is about clarification of every aspect of life and human existence. It is imperative as a writer to be a patient listener. The fictional narratives scripted form a subconscious understanding of an approaching change that will occur in the foreseeable or remote future.

Writing is like that energetic river originating from the writer’s subliminal and conscious world. It flows through inhospitable and fertile terrains, faces resistance at some point while flows unrestrained to satiate the eager consciousness.

An astute narrative of rhetoric and superficial events, glorifying the trivial to reinforce and coerce the direction of a malevolent agenda will be exposed and deconstructed with intelligent counter-narratives. It is about deifying some philosophy by denying deeper introspection. No conscious reader will entertain such glaring discrepancies.


10 thoughts on “Writer’s Perspective

    1. Thank you so much. For me, writing has been a great learning experience. Learning to deal with difficult truths and also the importance of philosophy in our life. Indeed, it helps reflect much more.


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