In the night not everyone sleeps

Some looking for their dreams in the night skies

Also, speaking to the silent world is satisfying

When the drama unfolds beyond worldly hours

Austere times persuade the soul to be awake

Enchanted forests, midnight landscapes

Mystical lights compose beautiful lyrics

Eulogizing the night in a heavenly language

Since the vespertine hours, all are invited

As spaces feel drowsy and life rushes no more

The innocent balance of nature is tranquil

Silhouettes appear from the distant lands

The sky indulges the soul as it embraces

Reassuring with the promises of a universe

Now is the time for reality of dreams to appear

Sky metamorphoses into a majestic world

Revealing its face to the solitary soul

Night and its desires stir up the mind

Sleepless times help understand the night


7 thoughts on “Spellbinding

      1. Let the night speak to you
        Soothe the fear of darkness’s approach
        Ask the sky to share few more stars
        Watch them bright and young
        May night hold your hand
        Take you to some land of beautiful dreams
        Listen to the soul speak of night
        Darkness will be a revelation
        When night feels daunting, look beyond the fears
        The illumined path leads to a mystical world

        Few lines after I read your comment


      2. Wow… This is beautiful…. Gawd you are so talented. Thank you. It really speaks to me. The chasm of putting out my hand and allowing night to hold me is the scariest.
        Thank you. I will work on my fears.
        This is really beautiful and thank you for…. I suppose… everything.

        Liked by 1 person

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