Arched Rocks

A hunchbacked hillock gives specific identity to the region

The identity of who carved this has been always a mystery

Couldn’t the craftsman reach higher to chisel the crown

On a bed of rocks, it meditates, unaware of the worldly pain

Looks indifferent to first-time travellers

Wait, till the tranquil cave is found in the earth’s deep womb

The positive vibes resonate clearly, welcoming and affectionate

Tributaries of rustic paths emanating from this hillock

More of a welcoming path being planned for weary travellers

Layin on the bed of Earth, the fragrance of darkness is mesmeric

Stars weave a narrative with celestial signs across an obscure blue

Storytelling by the angelic voices will make this region a part of folklore


9 thoughts on “Arched Rocks

    1. Thank you so much, Kim. Your compositions on nature are so eloquent, they take the reader into another reality. Such vivid imagery you paint with words. I am glad you liked this poem. Nature’s inspiration.

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