Closer to the Distant feelings

That which is farthest feels closer to the heart

If only the heart knew of this longing after emerging from the distractions

They sit closer for some reason; trappings of regular dialogues of stern words

Judging them takes time and sends tremors across the overworking mind

Is silent wandering a myth for the humankind? 

Let’s imagine the endless possibilities from the shy glances of curious eyes

Presence of nature’s will along with the changing fortunes 

From darkness to dawn and the navigations of esoteric worlds

When will that time come when the soul will be embraced by farthest feelings?

Ever present here, but the yearnings of the eternal nature are stronger

Breaking away from the mirage of reality is possible by relinquishing time

Not being cruel to this world but quietly walking away from an illusion

Taking a cue from the constellations before proceeding towards that path

Let’s not be caught in the predicament of feeling helpless forever

Release the imprisoned thoughts from the mind, pardon them from the heart

When the soul feels lighter, it’s time to bridge the distance


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