It’s Night

Night’s unruffled, not like the day that is pestered with incoherent thoughts Even adventurous, while venturing out to explore unknown landmarks Darkness isn’t blind; for those naysayers who paint it otherwise Maybe an escape for some, but also liberating for those who abhor the day Long tresses of the night combed with love by the soft hands of rays Tranquil soul with a radiant heart … Continue reading It’s Night

Evil Eye

Jealousy, the bellicose resident offers an alternative narrative Suggesting departure from the norm From a life of compassion to a more tumultuous one, monitored by the hawkish eyes Provoke fire and fury, burn peace within, and play with the cinders Sinking into the soul with a vengeance The fury of jealousy burns brighter than the harshest summers  Impaled by the severe predicament, it’s just an … Continue reading Evil Eye

Seeking among Antiquity

There is no dishonour in searching for the world nestled in antiquity Since time is insignificant and not powerful enough to hide the rich tales They are priceless; diamonds and gold fade in comparison Each story is a fragment of the souls who had generously spoken  Circulating them without inhibitions, never been scared of criticisms Knowledge is like divine fruits to satiate the hunger of … Continue reading Seeking among Antiquity