After Eyes Open

Eyes open with the gentle prodding of morning

First sigh, it takes time to adjust to the light after a lengthy night

Magically sent dreams across the slumberous world

It’s the lightness and at the same time it’s enthusiasm that scintillates

As dawn emerges from the folds of lazy darkness

Whatever was written during the dreams now seem to fade away

Few of them linger for some time, wishing to find some mention

In the first words spoken about the night’s playfulness

Winking at the morning’s serenity and asking for few moments

To chronicle the dearest night’s sayings with the fine words

Montage of emotions will find a place in the yawning blank pages

There’s no waiting for tomorrow for the poet who wakes up now


11 thoughts on “After Eyes Open

    1. While it may be true at certain times, because nightmares rearranges the mind’s thought process, which may not be welcomed. Good dreams do stay, but frequent nightmares may shadow them. It’s just a matter of shifting the focus.


    1. Some dreams are absorbed by this being, others surround the consciousness to narrate on their behalf. Where they emanate from, the supra-consciousness, to write and rewrite the narratives to help in the journey ahead, both literal and metaphorical.

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      1. Emotions, the moment they are born develop a relationship with the universe, or, some emotions are embedded by the universe itself, so, it is necessary that which is within to join the confluence of emotions to encompass your being. It’s a communication of the most conscious type.

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      2. Agreed. It seems like nothing is separate. We are in the Universe and the Universe is within us consciously affecting each other simultaneously. Parsing the consciousness, that is icing. The confluence of this awareness is yummy.

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