Perceived Happiness

How happy happiness is if we look at it long enough at the oblique definitions

Prearranged, they are placed in a convincing pattern; but the distance between them is surprising to the incisive eyes

Their reflections look feeble too, and it is not yet the end of day

There are all the busyness and enthusiasm surrounding the displays

It may feel contradictory to confine all the definitions of a feeling which is to be experienced

The strategic lighting does enhance the glare and reflective prowess of each slanted piece

There seems to be an explosion of languages, as mouths move is a mechanical way to acclimatise with the conformities

Just the niceties for now; the many definitions of happiness is being analysed 

Is everything perceived to be a social entertainment?

Without happiness speaking for itself- there, it feels the pressure of personification

Let happiness be a feeling without the pressures of living up to so many expectations


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