Vague Correspondence

I wouldn’t want to walk amidst the vague words and promises

Allow the mind to fiddle with them like a confused child looking at a new toy 

Assuming, I have advanced enough to be not burdened by ambiguity

Toying with the mind and heart, as if a carnival is planned on this barren land

To entertain the revelers who wish to crowd here for an esoteric celebration

Wake up at the early hours of dawn to escape the congregations of such manner

When feelings become finite they become stubborn and feels like pins forced on a pinboard

Where lots of contradictory messages are displayed in a hideous pattern

Curious eyes will read and interpret them according to the revelers’ language

Some glances here and there, before walking towards oblivion to find another world

I feel the senses need to heal before they emerge from the hallucinating vagueness


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