Blogging and Knowledge

Undermining the efforts of blogging platform by putting the entire endeavour into a narrow Social Media category is disconcerting. It’s an attempt to curtail the scope of essaying in-depth narratives where writers put in a lot of effort in terms of research and creativity (not measurable by algorithms).

There are so many wonderful writers and authors presenting articles which are worth reading, but unfortunately, due to social media culture are either not read or completely ignored. It is time to recognise the ‘weblog’ or ‘blog’ the seriousness it deserves. Over a period of time, blogging has matured from a mere digital journal to a much more knowledge-driven experience.

We have a penchant for making sweeping comments without considering the relevant efforts or importance of this platform, which no doubt is to network and meet people across the globe but predominantly to exchange and share knowledge. Erasing the ‘knowledge’ aspect of blogging will relegate this platform to just other social media experience where people make their presence felt without really contributing effectively.

Extreme oversimplification by overthinking and over smart minds really stretch the narrative thin and tries to create a new frivolous definition for blogging.

There will be different types of blogs catering to various categories/genres such as lifestyle, literature, photography, food, personal, and science; we cannot deny the fact that everyone is trying their best to be creative and presenting their experiences and creativity while supporting it with relevant literature. Rather than labelling blogs as social media, I prefer to call it ‘knowledge-based digital media’.

I follow so many blogs from different genres (Food, Lifestyle, Travel, Literature, Poetry, Arts & Culture, Parenting, Personal, Photography and Scientific blogs) and as far as I am concerned as a reader, I have seen the respective bloggers share wonderful write-up along with visually pleasing photographs. So, essentially, the writing is for me to ‘know more’ about a particular topic in detail.

It is not a wise thought process to oversimplify too much and strip off the seriousness that adheres to a rich blogging experience. As a traveller, one has to visit destinations to share their experience and anecdotes, scholars have to research to bring more credibility; with comparative study and present articles with authenticity.

Blogging and a blogger will get noticed gradually. It is a time-consuming effort and not a nonsensical Social Media network affair as it is perceived to be by some. I find the idea of aggressively promoting a blog even as they lack quality articles on a regular basis, a bit over ambitious.

Images and ‘infographics’ can be introduced to inform with less text and precise information to the intended target audience. There are ways to make a blog quality based so potential readers can have a serious perception of a blog.

Creativity opens up new dimensions of thoughts and critical analysis by writers can present new ideas to allow an inclusive culture of ‘brainstorming’ in the online world. It won’t be too far-fetched to say, the next big idea which can transform the future may emanate from these sincere efforts.

With different genres and subjects blending together with a comprehensive and open-minded communication can open a new world of knowledge that can provide an inspiring design for a platform where curious and intelligent minds can contribute in their respective field of interest.

In the end, let me emphasise, everything that is ‘Digital Media’ need not be only ‘Social Media’, they may be known as ‘knowledge-based digital media’. Learn from successful bloggers- how they present their content, their initial struggles and successes, and also their ultimate growth in traffic.

Last but not the least, drop the lazy habit of not visiting a blogger’s Main Website and remaining unaware of the type of writing and the topics that are available for reading; you miss out a lot when you glance over the WordPress Reader only. Be inclusive, yet, create a niche for yourself and the blog you have.


(Originally published on 1/9/2017)

42 thoughts on “Blogging and Knowledge

  1. but don’t you think that true blogging platform will fade away in th wake of facebook – a very popular story site is active on FB, while its website is left neglected !


    1. There’s always a choice. If someone wants to pursue writing and creativity seriously will choose the most suitable platform. Social media has its purpose and blogging has its own; depends what we really want to achieve.

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      1. But if the audience is on FB, doesn’t it make more sense to write there – or that’s where the writing will gravitate to in future. (facebook, Medium etc.)

        I’m also torn between this. So that’s why got thinking reading your post.

        thanks for the thought provoking post.

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      2. Audiences are everywhere. The idea is to write knowledgeable content and that inspires readers. Medium is a different platform, more like crowd sourcing of content. FB is more for social and regular stuff. But writing, literature, blogging is more of lengthy reads, as creativity requires more attention span to comprehend them. Just hitting the like button or not reading the content at all is mere ‘socialmediafication’. So, one has to decide based on their intentions. Spending too much time on social media isn’t going to help creativity. It requires lot of reading and then coming up with creative pieces. So, it deserves in-depth reading and communication.

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      3. I agree with this. But my concern is more towards “if a tree falls in the forest, does it matter. ” I’m bad at marketing my content. Even though I have found some success in Medium, only university journals and a few competition, I still find it hard to make the work more accessible.

        So then should we also adopt to this new age reality called Facebook, or should we not? It basically means that should we continue pouring our heart out and keep on creating, and let someone else observe us rather than actively looking for the audience?

        PS – I hope it is not coming out as trolling. I’m sharing this because I have seen when I concentrate hard on marketing, I lose out on creating. And vice a versa


      4. Many brilliant authors went unpublished or were published much later in life. All I can say, to find success in a creative field isn’t easy. Creativity is ones baby, we have to love and nurture, no matter how fierce the situations are.
        If someone’s looking for instant success and fame, then its a different thing. Creativity is about patience and it matures with time.

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  2. Well written Amitav. I have noticed all these during my 6 years of blogging, you know what in next few months I might loose some 100 followers as they stop blogging and traffic will drastically decrease or will be same if I get the same followers…also writing poetry alone will never improve the traffic and followers!

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    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I agree with what you are saying; the ‘socialmediafication’ of blogging is the problem. People do not visit blogs, wary of long articles, constantly hitting ‘likes’ without reading then content and utter impatient when it comes to gaining followers. I find it problematic, when I visit a blog, and I do not find any idea rich content, just some updates, how many followers gained, et al… This should not be the idea of blogging. It take lot of effort and time to come up with quality blog/content.

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      1. In fact I used to get 30 likes in 30 seconds.. they just like without reading and I don’ read them either..people wanna have followers but don’t want to comment on others

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      2. That’s annoying. I fail to understand how one can read multiple posts is few seconds. I think bloggers need not lose hope as there are many people who still are serious about blogging and genuinely read and comment. Let’s keep WordPress that way!

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  3. Yes, I think you are right. I know I might be stating the obvious, but the real problem with the web is the sheer volume of content, much of it poor or even worse. So the quality blog writing is buried, and doesn’t have attention it deserves.

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  4. I agree with you Amitav, I think blogging had evolved and became a more serious, creative and sophisticated way to spread awarness, share experiences, and write about certain fields. Thinking about it, people nowadays spend so much time on social medias without even realizing that there’s this another universe from the worldwide web that has content of more amazing stuff that can lead us to becoming more open about the different people and learn from their perspective not thinking about the number of “likes” and “comments” one might get but the interaction and empowerment that we can share to each other. God bless on your blog and to all the bloggers out there! Spread the love!

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    1. Thank you so much for the wishes and a well thought out comment. There are so many valid points you have made and yes, most importantly utilising time in learning something new and allowing knowledgeable discussions can make blogging and online experience meaningful.

      Best wishes to you!

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  5. Agree with you.bolgging provides a platform where you can grow as what you want to be(writer,poet…etc).At one palce where you can read and listen other’s thought and learn alot from it and mainly according to me it will helpful to Exploring yourself,what really you are .

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    1. Thank you so much. Yes, you are right, the aspirations and creative seeking we can share through our blog and also meet like-minded people from across the world to exchange ideas. Being true to oneself and being honest with the blog is important.

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  6. You have put it so well. Some bloggers treat their blogs as an extension of their FB and other social media accounts by posting random things. It degrades not just the quality of their blog but also the blogging community. Blogging is a full time job which should be given due respect. Even if one is pursuing it as a hobby one must give it the serious thought it warrants. Excellent post.

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    1. Thank you, Pradita. Yes, I agree, the host of Social media icons and indiscriminate sharing of anything and everything, whether they make sense or not; desire for ‘likes’ and be visible to the virtual world becomes the only criteria. Blogging has to have some substance and should have quality time invested to make it meaningful. As a reader I will look for quality content if I wish to spend time on a blog. Hobbies can be taken seriously and blogging can evolve with sincere effort.
      Thank you for sharing you thoughts.

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  7. Full credit to you Amitav for coming out with this thought-provoking post. Blogs are ironically labelled as ‘one among the many’ category by even well-meaning folks these days. But for us, blogs are so much more personal, intimate and the perfect means to connect with people globally at a deeper level. Hope we all are able to reach out to others like you have to bring out the uniqueness that blogging carries along with it. Thanks again for your beautiful write-up. Cheers !

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    1. Thank you so much, Aishwarya. Blogging has evolved from simple journals to much more expansive where ideas and new thought processes have been integrated. Well, there will always be the so called ‘Pundits’ and pseudo-connoisseurs given the free publicity that social media showers them with; it’s time to leave aside their definitions evolve as bloggers and create a meaningful connect, where ‘knowledge’ should be the criteria. Creativity and literature is also becoming mundane due to the idea of pleasing everyone.
      As you have rightly said, with conviction and a very important idea,- “blogs are so much more personal, intimate and the perfect means to connect with people globally at a deeper level.”
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. Cheers!

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      1. With your thoughts in mind, it would be wonderful if at least some of us can do chapter meets of fellow bloggers sometime in future 😊 Surely that would be one genuine brain-storming, creative meetup😁

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  8. Couldn’t agree more Amitav. WordPress or blogging has a specific purpose which is much different than other social media platforms. Here, we not only present but share as well, and eventually grow. Though this growth will take place only if we allow ourselves to ACTUALLY read others, not having a running look.
    You covered almost all the important, worth-sharing points. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much, Aditi. Some wonderful points made by you. While networking and sharing blogs is no doubt important, we have to focus on the substance of the content too. Without going overboard with mere sensationalism, we can share knowledge and learn from each other. And I feel blogging can provide that.

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  9. In the book, Enders Game, Orson Scott Card (author) describes a world where political leaders are determined by activity on blogs and forums where their ideas and positions are fleshed out and followers gathered. Basically, substance rules the day. Wouldn’t that be nice? Thanks for your post.

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    1. I have not read the book, but you presented an interesting excerpt from it, and thank you for it.
      If ‘we’ as society understand that all of us contribute, even minimally, with our views and ideas, or even new thoughts on changing social culture where more inclusiveness and communication can be initiated, we can look at more knowledgeable world society evolving. Time is changing and we have to adapt to the positive platforms of new ideation and implementation.
      Everyone is part of this existence and even a drop of idea makes a difference.

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