Curious Complication

A curious man’s complicated mixture of emotions stare from the fragile apparatus Strange dyes of the confabulated world mix like an enigmatic solution Intermingle in a serpentine manner, as if the desires of the man is aroused by some ogre’s charm The rancorous smell emanating from it fills the dingy room like a ravenous demon This may not be enough; if the soul and flowing … Continue reading Curious Complication

A Tired Day

The day wakes up tired with a yellowy sickness No way of knowing the cause of this disinclination towards anything bright Phantom of the night hassled a slumberous moment with persistent ridicule What conspired with the shadow is more than a mere aspersion Is it that constant slander of some emotional feelings felled the weak spirit? Melancholy of weak morning looks like the tired twilight … Continue reading A Tired Day


How many windows would you settle for in a house? Whether they are open or closed, will speak of the weather and prevailing mood Would it be too distracting for the neighbourhood when light escapes through them? Distracting the passersby, when their eyes wish to see the road ahead clearly Hope, a house with many windows do not become a mysterious legend Perspectives change too; … Continue reading Windows