How many windows would you settle for in a house?

Whether they are open or closed, will speak of the weather and prevailing mood

Would it be too distracting for the neighbourhood when light escapes through them?

Distracting the passersby, when their eyes wish to see the road ahead clearly

Hope, a house with many windows do not become a mysterious legend

Perspectives change too; speaks a lot about human curiosity

If there are those prying eyes with the excuse of boredom to peek anonymously

At the moving images, hardly picking up their language, but always making assumptions

Only to narrate them later during a gossip session in an amateur storyteller’s language

Possibly unaware, the windows dim after some time, but the stories have just begun


5 thoughts on “Windows

  1. Hey Amitav… Beautiful words so many interpretations to it…
    Hope a house with many windows, so true… Everytime I shut a window in that hope house, another opens. Hope just manages to survive…

    Liked by 1 person

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