Rectifying the Social Discourse

While a lot of people are trying to interpret the social discourse, it is happening in a haphazard manner. The distortion of language limits the scope of communication, as we still believe it is a mere exchange of words.

The intention to listen is lacking most of the time; acting as the ‘black hole’ where words are absorbed, without leaving a trace, or transformed beyond our comprehension. Technology adds to the commotion with a lot of induced behaviours and ideas, which are subconsciously accepted.

We fail to notice the immense damage done to our beliefs and the inner-voice. Instead of accepting our lack of understanding or scrutinising the facts, we viciously target people to unburden our weaknesses onto the next person.

Today, the acrimony is pouring out easily and the passive-aggressive behaviour is transforming into something more sinister. We protest in unison, but we end up villifying people.

It is erroneous to identify people who are going through troubled times and be unnecessarily curious about their life. If you wish to offer help, just be there, without pontificating and listening truthfully. Do not open someone’s wounds if you cannot heal them.

Sometimes, it is just being there and listening whenever the person wishes to is enough to support through difficult times. Prying or showing dishonest interest in someone’s life is unholy and irascible, insensible, and miserable way to be in their life. Do not take advantage of someone’s vulnerable situation; you do not become any stronger while exploiting them during their difficult times.

Learn to communicate, learn ways to interpret the signs a person is showing. You have to prepare yourself as a worthy communicator, be it in silence and comforting words when required.

We cannot deny the fact that there is an attempt to exploit people by those who are powerful (as it has always happened in human history) but I feel we have evolved from such times to become more conscientious and prudent. We cannot continue with barbaric actions against humanity.

I would like to believe so, even there are so many instances of exploitative behaviour and senseless mayhem perpetrated by vicious and savage people. They may be driven by the ideology of hate and repression, but good weighs more and such ruthless ideas will be defeated. For that day to be a reality, we have to communicate, love each other more, respect them and show gratitude and compassion.


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