The Voyage

World in your eyes, a universe resides in the soul

The Voyage across places of wonder mapped in celestial maps

Turmoil from apprehensions follow; that’s a test of resilience

How far a voyager will go navigating across turbulent times

It’s tyrannical to anchor the free-spirited desires early in life

Where every sparkling dream is chastised and doomed

Beasts appear in fairy tales and folklores of mythical narrations

In reality, they reside in punishments unleashed by tyrants

Of which demons are born to trouble the relentless voyager 

Destiny swerves while the brave soul defeats them all fiercely

Dangerous spirits unleashing thunderbolts are scorched by karma

Ominous clouds and threatening storms weaken after the defeat

The true light of the sky and winged messengers bring good news

Spirits are high after the prayers are heard across celestial realms

Human spirit blessed with eternal energies to journey further

Guardian Spirit interprets the fate and grants the valiant will

Conjure immense strength to speak with friendly spirits of universe

Gather the islands and combine them into new landscapes

As destiny promises the brave soul with universe’s blessings 


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