Away from the Crowd

What’s the feeling of walking away from the crowd?

Withdrawing all of the identity that had been dispersed 

It was difficult identifying them after unnatural transformation

Walking into the crowd was never a decision

It happens in the rush of life; urged to leave the freedom of solitude

You take all of you, remember, the duality of the opposing voice

Someone within had been constantly warning the mind

The strong pull of a euphoric moment was more intoxicating

Tearing apart the duality that was comfortable maintaining a balance

The plan was to escape the crowd of thoughts

Climbing the daunting citadel at the predawn hours was quite audacious

Beware of the constant attention and curious glances

Your individuality will be censored and forced to learn a new language

More acceptable to them; not necessarily capable of expressing your feelings

That’s alright, it was inevitable, now you can speak to please and protest

As long as you protest in their language you will be tightly wound

To a more cohesive crowd, willingly expressing their presence and usefulness

It has to be a choice of this side or that side; choose yours, it still will be a crowd

Not allowed to embrace anything that you wish, as everyone else chooses for you

When do you decide to walk away from the crowd?

Or, the constant scrutiny, and being identified as one of them, is a choice

Walking away requires a stronger will of accepting solitude

There will be a void and that persistent buzz the senses have been addicted to

They will recede and eventually fade away

To reveal what solitude is, and the soul will be welcomed to retire and heal


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