Let’s be indifferent to art and keep it out in the cold so it can become even more frigid compared to the coldest places known to mankind. Let all the emotions poured till now hibernate in a frosty cocoon. It feels slippery and hostile from extreme frigidness. Walk away, frostbites can be fatal; even the sun feels dreary and uninspired.

Assuming the contrasting harsh times to come will be more fiendish and fierce, where stubborn heat will persistently jab into the existential threats. Remember, it was not meant to be, but all the hostile outpourings and egoism of not being able to comprehend the beautiful weather of art forced the situations to tear apart and form a contrasting environment.

Even art is not spared the arrogance, hostility, and unsympathetic sentiments that have destroyed cultures and communities. The uprising and chants of “die” “die” “die” are at its fiercest peak; one can feel the approaching fatal times. Any such rebellion is like an unrepentant rapier to wound and then annihilate. The heat from art’s inferno is a cause of spiralling anger; the unprecedented pernicious behaviour which raises its head like the mythical demons with multiple heads.

The creators are humiliated, condemned, and confined to the lowest of lowest abysses, where the darkness is unforgiving and savage. Along with their will, the thoughts are sacrificed in the raging inferno. Evil and vulgar dance around the defeat of creativity is a cause of celebration in a forsaken world. Not that anyone is aware, the same hostile environment will revolt against the perpetrators and give a glimpse of dark ages on a canvas with macabre art.


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