Love, Lies, and Treachery

Lies love to betray love as love lies in a disheveled manner
For there is no antidote for those lies, but an unwilling ailment grips the heart
Surrounded by the nemesis, there’s no way love can wake up soon
Faithless prayers won’t urge the universe to intervene to settle the ultimate treachery


14 thoughts on “Love, Lies, and Treachery

  1. So beautiful. I agree.. It is so difficult to find love, and when they do, I have no idea why can’t they celebrate that love? Why do they betray?
    I have lived so many decades, and I still have no answer to that.
    Beautifully written Amitav

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      1. I don’t know about world..
        What exactly is world, whom do we choose to be our world? We can choose the entire universe to be our world or love to be our world.
        Love is a choice, chosen from the heart accepted by the brain. Once love is chosen, it becomes the world. Love can be both generous and selfish, but it is still love. Only a few can feel its glory.
        Then what world is this which pulls the heart from love? And what kind of love is this Amitav which cannot make the heart as its world?

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      2. Well said, Shalini. Love essentially is a feeling of the soul, from a spiritual realm to a worldly one. It is meant to be felt and embraced without doubt. But as we internalize the external definitions of love, it starts changing. I guess the world wants to rush into love; fast-paced, greedy world hurries love and changes its course. Only those who can understand this, and choose to be unaffected can feel its glory. Getting influenced by definitions and perspectives of love, as this world has envisioned is somewhat distorted, So, one has to seek within each other.

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      3. I am not such a big thinker, Amitav. I know this, when I found love, I held it close, to me it was, it still is, the most precious gift universe can ever give. But then when love wanted to leave, I fought to keep it, but it can’t be forced so I opened my palms and my heart, and let it go.
        I am left with numbness in heart and soul, but such is life and such is the equation of love.

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      4. Matters of the heart and soul are beyond any philosophical thoughts, We can only interpret.

        I don’t know what the universe conspires to change the beautiful equation between two souls that they drift away. It is difficult, but only the one who loves deeply can be so generous too. In your heart you have the beautiful world and you are still the same loving person.

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      5. I don’t know what I…
        Some days, some wicked thoughts
        Revenge, hurt, pain have all left me bereft
        Some days, some wicked thoughts
        Smile on the lips and tears in my eyes is all I have left


      6. Don’t hold on to your tears
        Allow them to cleanse you heart
        From pain you will be healed, they speak to you now
        About what was and will be, listen carefully
        You are being lead towards a new path
        Keep you feelings close to your heart
        Love within will transform love around

        … few lines for you

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      7. I hold not to tears
        They just keep falling
        The pain within has the past in its echo
        I have seen it once, all I am seeing
        The path is the same, all through hollow

        I travelled it, led by the heart
        I feared not, just followed the beat
        Till I stood still and came to know
        The path which is new is actually old
        The feelings are all destroyed with bold
        Love within should keep us bound
        Love within gets crushed by the love around

        Just me


      8. Someone will whisper, listen carefully
        Tears will flow, but change its course
        Universe has a plan to echo a new mantra
        From nothingness is birthed life
        Bold will fade to a subtle shade of assurance
        Then the spirit will colour it with new and valiant
        New spring will urge the hibernating feelings to awake

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      9. The feelings awaken, the feelings die
        It has been the mantra of my life.
        From nothingness, I birthed color
        It took everything and then something more

        When my soul broke, the child died
        I breathed life with the hope of a dawn
        Love was a future of the broken spirit
        New and valiant lived and died

        The colors began the colors faded
        Bold became something weak and jaded
        The spirit is trying but how much more
        The pain in the beginning is the pain of end
        Life is not at start but finish line near

        I tell myself it matters not
        I tell myself it is just a thought
        But what do I tell the heart
        Which just wants to feel true love before it stops

        I have seen many springs,
        I have danced with joy
        I have seen many winters
        Bleak, pretending to be coy

        The truth is probably my spirit lied
        Looking for something which is not meant to be
        I have lived and I have loved
        Maybe dear Amitav, that is all I should have
        Memories of love, memories of being loved….


      10. Shalini, yes memories will live and cherished moments will engage the heart. Life is continuous, spirit eternal, Weathering the weather- some brilliant and vibrant, some harsh
        The Spirit may have spoken with not the intention to lie
        But to console the crying heart
        Having loved and being loved will be in clonfuence
        The course of life will nurture the soul and heart

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      11. The course of life will nurture till the life courses
        What happens when it all ends
        The moment when I can feel it slipping
        What will I tell the the last heart beating
        It is nice to have hope
        It is nice to have faith
        But what do you do
        When you have both,
        BUT NO TIME??


      12. It will be beginning of time itself
        Flames may flicker, but give light, feeble, but the soul knows of eternal light
        Aglow with passion for life
        Faith resides in the essence of birth and life
        In between, swim the chasm
        To new shores and dreams
        Time of the universe, new awakening

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