If you Wish to Write

If you really wish to write you have to fall in love with the language. There is no other escape other than to surrender every day to it. If not, there will be a time when feelings crowd your heart and question you for not expressing them adequately.

They will keep tormenting you, and your writing will appear wobbly; nervous writing usually doesn’t do justice to those passionate feelings. When you look within as a writer, to seek inspiration, reminisce, and even rescue some of the deepest emotions from the anguish.

As a writer, it is a struggle to deal with so many emotions daily; one has to have a valiant heart plus the dedication to find the appropriate language to justify their struggle. You have to be their confidante!

It takes patience and clarity to understand the nuances of metaphors (the importance of reflecting the intricate perspectives enhance the feelings and surpass their expectations) to delve into the world of writing honestly.

Feeling resentful, jealous, and frustrated is negative feelings which burn away the writer’s ability and courage to skillfully deal with the anguish. Never be satisfied with mediocrity; learn, improve, communicate, be humble, and identify your limitations to rise above mediocre surrender and become a keen journeyer.

Channelise your ego to a more productive pursuit and stay away from belittling others who are presenting excellent work. Being published or unpublished is a matter of time and it does not stifle someone’s ability as a writer.

In fact, the urge to publish prematurely can diminish the credibility of writing and it may cause unnecessary heartache. A writer meditates while writing, immersing the self in the flow of emotions. 

A spiteful human being cannot become an honest writer. You have to earn the credibility to critique literature after careful study, and it should be purely based on the work and not petty personal attacks. A writer has to be self-critical too; ”never be satisfied easily”, is the mantra that keeps the passion awake.

A writer has to gather all the energy to struggle and learn from the journey. Writewrite, and write, instead of being distracted easily and becoming negatively obsessed with another writer’s work. Do not waste words on prevarications and insults and become an embittered individual. Do not waste the reader’s time and intellect with nonsensical writing! Also, please do not plagiarise and dent your credibility as a writer.


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