Poet appears before a worrisome world

Conceive the power to convey the essential feelings

Truth isn’t ephemeral and love is the eternal mother

The clenched world has to relent and release the emotions

Looking at the blank pages for some inspiration

To raise some eternal moments devised by the universe

Accursed seasons shall weaken and fade away

The prayer composed by the poet for soul’s expiation

Away from any malevolence to heal the heart

Hurtful moments will be in the purifying flames

So many knots will loosen from the darkened heart

Pray, that the universe’s potion shall emerge today

Cure all the illnesses and rejuvenate the sulking soul

Wish for the ambrosia to sweeten the flow of life

Divinity will protect the child from demons and rage

Love will awaken from many years of slumber

Tranquility is entranced by the soulful benediction

Filled with incense and myrrhs before genuflection


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