Time Whispers

Can whispers nurse the distressed ears? 

Hoping for a more sympathetic correspondence with life

They may not be confessions and complaints

But a little chatter of the heart would compensate 

It may be meagre, but the caring times is precious

It is not human selfishness to walk away somewhere far

Sometimes distances are useful teachers

Only the desire for whispers and some calming moment

It wouldn’t be right to call this loneliness plaintive

To unburden the shoulders of all the world’s pain

Even love needs to be comprehended while being alone

It’s like trying to understand a newborn baby

To see love radiate once again after being quite trite

Oh! It feels cold now, the temperatures have plunged

Further, this body wishes for more warmth now

It would be foolish to not find a shelter soon

The time whispers to the ears a mantra of life

An embrace of new found love will heal the soul


12 thoughts on “Time Whispers

  1. This is a lovely piece. I liked this line so much🤗
    “It wouldn’t be right to call this loneliness plaintive”


    1. I hear you, Shalini. 🙂 Yes, I still remember the poetic exchanges we had few days back. Now, when I was re-reading that line before replying to you, I wonder where I was at that moment. You know how my mind wanders. I was feeling tired after writing this.


      1. I was just thinking about distance and patience and life and I read this in your words…
        I wonder if life is telling me something.

        Our session was good on that day, right? Even though I am not a poet and nowhere a deep thinker like you.


      2. You know, this universe in connected. Distances are perceptions, may be, they are bridges after all, trying to take us somewhere.
        Yes, I feel that session was amazing. Your words were flowing that day. Reminisces through poetry.


      3. Hahaha yp certain days I can be poet…
        Thank you for giving me the space to let out my grief. You were very calm and patient


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