Washed Away

There is no discord, but probably being ignored for a while upped the annoyance

Who shall intervene for a reconciliation between the aggrieved day and brooding feelings?

The day is flickering now; it’s time for a moist evening to absorb the melancholic sentiments

Getting drenched is a desire if the clouds would be generous enough tonight

Is it going to be another struggle to see the floating emotions finally rushing towards the precipice of a deep fall?

Unburdened can feel lonely for some time, as the emptiness takes time to be understood by the heart

The echoes become louder; screaming the name of a worrisome person who has been released of all the pain

Anger is just a blunt and exhausted word now for its vileness has been washed away 

The annoyance and deeply entrenched complicated feelings are now smudged and the canvas bears some evidence


4 thoughts on “Washed Away

  1. You have beautifully described the feeling of how the mind goes through the plethora of emotions during the day and long for its to be washed away by the end of it. Beautiful words as always.

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