After I Listened

I have listened! Now, the difficult phase begins, as I enter a world of conflicting reflections

Quite possible, I will be caught in here for quite some time; No! I have come here on my own, choosing an indescribable path

Some of them who were left behind are livid and the curses have been well chosen and distinct

There was no promise of the soul that even once spoke of honestly following me while I walk away from, or rather walk towards something unknown; it’s a matter of perception

We all battle perceptions! Sometimes, we show immense enmity to reason and unconditional love

The self-imposed restrictions worn as a garland becomes a heavy burden on the fragile shoulders

Crushed in anguish and impulsive rage, the smithereens of emotions attack the eyes with a vengeance

There is an urgency in my soul once I have heard the prophetic raven narrating some stories from another world

Following the scents of that world, I walk hurriedly towards an unknown destination, if I may desire to say so

I won’t be able to rest there for long after I listen to many other stories and get chastised by the universe for being lazy


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