To Think of Rains

To think of rains as a visitor, and that too a friendly one depends on their time of arrival. Whether our plans are washed away or desires fulfilled, can only be decided by the state of mind we are in. One moment of disruption and another of romanticism; there’s really a visitor’s sentiment that qualifies as ferocious or rejuvenating. Out there, the scenes floating around in a blur of rains provides new perspectives of human tendencies. Somewhere, alone, near the window, one is sitting and reminiscing and at the same time absorbing the images of hurriedness and annoyance among the crowd. For the lonesome character, the rains could be a welcome visitor, someone who can revive so many emotions, as the mind would sway back and forth to search for similar memories. Ever noticed the raindrops clinging to the leaves and also on the window? As if, the visitor wanted to leave behind some of the fragments of its soul to initiate a new thought process through a new perspectivism. Some of them appear bright and vibrant, while others melancholic, exactly depicting the range of human emotions on a rainy day. Now that the splashes of children, their laughter breaks through the monotony, an adult world full of worries takes a break from the monotony. Whether one would like to thank or curse the visitor depends on the wavy emotions running through the mind.


3 thoughts on “To Think of Rains

  1. Couldn’t have read this beautiful post at a better time Amitav. As I read the rains shower a misty spray then gradually gain momentum to fall with vigor. I watch the unhurried drops sliding down the window pane, as I reminisce some nostalgic memories!

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