On the Verge of Collapse

Just like old buildings, the thoughts develop cracks; it’s too early to call them dilapidated

The foundations are still strong, but there’s pressure from the grouchy crowds to knock them down

New fondness for the glistening ideas; although they seem to be flimsy, it enamours the fickle minds

Clash of the old and new, but here it is more of a clumsy jostle for space in minds that have decided to uproot the foundation

Time to time the hatred flares up to devour commonsense and triggers a rebellion on the streets

Where they should have been paths to ease the journey through the claustrophobic cities, now becomes a battleground

Movement stalls progress as real ideologies are to be replaced by the one that will develop an aversion to reasoning

Art, culture, and creative environment will be plucked out, only to be replaced with laziness and hatred

Walls everywhere, no shores and edges in the city either, where one can run away to escape the turmoil

A fantastic modern design to curtail the movement of the soul; it’s too much to speak up or louder to voice one’s opinion

Only the scripted opinions that do not accentuate the real calibre of the human mind are accepted

Time is controversial; it’s illusions and tricks are too much to fathom when mirrors aggrandize the distorted images


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