Absorbing the Melancholy

The damp day feels saturated and the heart feels satiated with joyless sky

Looking for some cotton wool to absorb the melancholy from its face

There is frankness in the solitude; maybe those who wish to join the conversation

Not out of pity or with the intention to label the genuine concerns of an individual

As a misanthrope; there are possibilities of generating inimical beliefs 

Striking at the core of human soul with continuous propaganda 

Does this world feel satisfied at being miserable at the slightest provocation?

It’s a wretched competition against each other- a parallel misery persists

Name calling, labeling, and cheering for the ultra egoistic malevolent forces

The essence of existence cannot be healed as the cotton wool is saturated

With woes and pain inflicted upon the feeble melancholy to make it macabre


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