Fate Infringes

The loud thud woke up the serenity of an extremely lazy evening. It was not enough for the conspiring world to harass the mind during the brief recess. What could be the world’s idea of life? Is it the composition of individual consciousness conveying their concerns and desires to a life that rushes past?

It is interesting to note that every little note that is being scribbled somewhere, in any language possible, are being added to the narrative. Little contemplations, frustrations, heartbreaks, triumphs, desires, desperations, love, enmity, conspiracy, revelation, secrets are all forced to enter the universe’s library to document their narrations.

Enough of reticence, it is time to inspect the loud noise that was heard earlier. It is easy to be influenced by laziness and trail off to another reality. What could have been the urgency of such a noise to occur at that moment of tranquility? The happenings around us may seem to be a coincidence at one moment or some mischievous plan deliberately planned to startle the reclusive time.

A massive tree on the other side of the wall just lost one arm. A portion of the wall suffered a significant fracture too. All this while, I was unaware that such an incident could have happened while I took a stroll in the garden. Indeed, amidst all the conspiracies of the world, there is a scope to escape the infernal trap.

Now, here I stand before a damaged wall and lifeless arm of a tree; as if, some sinister force had decided to slap the wall because of its impudence to block the journey of roots. We may design according to our plans, but if it is inharmonious and belligerent, it is evident that we have defiled nature’s soul.

So many thoughts arrive urgently to reason for a particular incident. There are so many discordant incidents occurring even at this moment, every second, to affirm the imprudence of humanity. The desertification or landscapes are born of so-called brilliant design ideas to accommodate the increasing avarice of humans. Lifeless cities promising to nurture vivacious dreams seem to be a paradox!

We cannot fight over tranquility and peace; if we ever consider our incisive dreams that sever the lifeline of a healthy existence, it becomes a mammoth futile exercise to impress the ideologically numb minds. Today, we all have opinions, and we would also like to believe in our beliefs, but it is still insufficient and leaves a large area of our lives exposed to inimical forces. Misinformation is an inferno that is threatening to burn any counter-narrative of reason and harmonious existence.

Small incidents in our life are indicators of the environment we are living in and even coerced into accepting. In unison we speak, different languages, but similar ideologies. The chaos is in the distortion of languages that makes each dialogue a trigger for another inauspicious event.

In every age, sanity and philosophy have been pushed to the fringes of society and never allowed to join the mainstream narrative. We have an academic interest in the psychology of philosophy and even mourn the fate of philosophers. They have been ostracized, incarcerated, and poisoned to facilitate the perversions in order to affect the future generations.

A weak society will have youth who are distracted by their idea of failures and unprepared to challenge the detrimental environment. Deep into the ‘isms’ and surrendered to the institutionalised ideas, the flow of existence instead of gaining momentum becomes sluggish. Unfortunately, no one hears the loud thud of such meek surrender!


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