A night is immolated in the morning pyre Ridiculed dreams were unable to rest through the night Suffering in silence; darkness prowled the landscape They sought refuge in the heart, but there was no escape Farcical day gathered an audience to applaud  Dreams suffered the ignominy in silence Banshee’s call prepares them for an eventual fate ~Amitav Continue reading Sacrifice

World, Reality, and Consciousness

Flashes sprint across the mind to imprint some obscure messages  Intense, but subtler compared to the magnificent torches of the universe It’s difficult expressing the touch of ethereal on a body floating in celestial oceans Consciousness blossoms during the heavenly season; intoxicatingly sweet fragrance It’s just that moment, immeasurable by time and human mind that mirrors reality An unconvinced world sinks deeper into chaos amidst … Continue reading World, Reality, and Consciousness