Arduous Journey of Creativity

You can brood, feel extremely frustrated, offend people, appear egoistic, a victim of perceptions, get criticised, be ignored, become an object of jealousy, objectified, stultified, discouraged, encouraged by veiled sarcasm, ostracised

All this can happen all at the same time or at various moments in a writer’s life, but they should never keep their pen down and allow them to be dry. Blank pages won’t judge you or push you away for being true to yourself.

A writer’s dilemma, a perceived writer’s block ( I feel it’s lack of inspiration and not striving much to seek one) can all be placed before you to test your resilience and ingenuity to carve a path of freedom; freedom to write what the heart decides to, and of course, contribute to the literary journey of readers.

You will be judged in many ways that you can’t even imagine, but at the end make your words count. Prepare them for the war, struggle, and threats of distortions and humiliations. Strong philosophies and creative excellence can create an honourable place in the minds of readers.

Perceptions will change and your writings will gain acceptance! As long as you do not dance to the persistent distractions around you, it becomes easy to settle down in a comfort zone (now do not take it too literally and become lazy) to create, create, and create. A storyteller you will become, and emerge from the dark shadows of all negative emotions.

Life chooses you to be a writer, poet, storyteller, philosopher, thinker, seeker, and a wanderer to face the hurdles of a society to emerge a winner. In fact, all genres of creativity become better with resistance; greater the defiance, bigger the glory. Remember, you are human and will feel the pressures of all those emotions I listed in the opening paragraph, but it is for you to not surrender to the inimical forces and continue with the same intensity.


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