The Infinite

Pray that you don’t have to justify time

From time when you steal the precious moments

The word ‘eternity’ seems to be a fairytale 

Some unknown philosopher’s diary may have given it away

Even, the cryptic hieroglyphs may have spoken silently

Off the walls of ancient rituals that still stands

Occultists may have had some different experience of eternity

Misunderstood by inadequate translation and constrained souls 

Every human emotion is measured against time

Filling the gaps of time with some recurring ghost of escapism

An illusion is skillfully played with to spoil the name

Born, but not yet out of the shadows of self-doubt

Love precipitates and the vast paradise of desires suffer famine

Even prayers are unwelcome in an aggrandised world

Speaking the language of Divine is not for the weak

Remembering the omnipotent out of fear creates a barrier

Sneaking out on truthful feelings as if no one’s watching

Omnipresence and Time are concepts beyond mortal thinking


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