Blaming the Night

“Don’t play in the dark”, says someone to the kid

That’s the perception of darkness being created in a child’s mind

Accusing it indirectly of being a thief, or even a demon of some kind

The child obeys, but the curiousness becomes intense 

Making it an unnecessarily contentious issue that settles deeper

This is how perceptions are created to concoct stories

Already branded a criminal, the night’s censured at the dark hour

Giving a sense of satisfaction that it is alright to accuse

Of some unholy nature, that night may nurture deep in its womb

Sketching a controversial nightmare scene from tarnished graphite

Even holding the breath for a few hours would make them happy

Outrageous! Some of the perceptions of daily life are just being that

You cannot stretch, literally and metaphorically; creativity stifled

To become a poet who loves to romance the night is rebellion

Praising the esotericism and garlanding it with eloquent words

Delicate ideologies and contrasting existence is a dilemma

Hopefully, the child can grow out of the frivolity of blaming the night


5 thoughts on “Blaming the Night

    1. Thank you so much, Megha. I feel poetry has many layers to it. Often, they are wondrous and takes us on a exciting journey.

      Thank you for sharing you poem. Let me read it. I wish you all the best for your future publications!

      Liked by 1 person

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