There’s more secrecy running through the nerves like a faithful accomplice

The freedom to choose secrecy to defend freedom from early complacency

Even if it slows down life and take detours along the alleys of conspiracy

With finer strokes of secret brushes, the art of impressionism takes a new dimension

This is another movement of secretive endeavours with hues twisted and darker

Shades shadow the intentions with an ultra-reflective canvas with secret messages

The mantras of secrecy create a persistent spell of a gloomy evening and sinister nights

Bells yell in a dilapidated building; an irritable echo of cracked metal and sedentary walls

The loitering echoes lure the secrecy codes that are waiting in hibernation to fill the nerves

A journey of escapes, fear, mistakes, jealousy, ferocity, and self-destruction are not secrets


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