Escaping Nonsense

More you try to escape nonsense, it is possible, you will get hopelessly entangled in the twisted narrative. The irrationality of man has been viciously critical of any reasoning that could have engaged the minds in a thorough debate, but that was efficiently thwarted. Foggy fudged ideas were chronicled and disseminated eagerly and even thought to be the effective way to shape the mind in a convoluted design. Reinforcing fallacies to theorise the human fallibilities, without the remedial measures that could have saved them from a downhill journey was never desired. The miasma of such strange thoughts somehow intoxicated the critical thinking abilities. It was permeating the psyche and invalidating the existing and rising revolutionary thoughts. The calculations went wrong, and the multiplying errors became a formidable web to entangle the celestial arithmetic in a stifling situation. Very little is known, and more often, the speculations become a mainstream narrative. We are nonsensically trying to tame nature and even running a dangerous propaganda of triumph. The practice of obscurantism has severely damaged the scientific, philosophical, and psychological aspect of existence. That we cannot escape nonsense is quite evident!


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