It is quite possible to have growing resentment for an artist and writer. There could be two reasons- either they create nonsensical work or they are exemplary but disliked by peers and enthusiasts because they shatter stereotypes and do not conform to their idea of creativity. The average or mediocre work is still acceptable!

That creativity cannot be numbers and percentages game is quite frustrating! When we cannot evaluate a piece of creative work, we feel they do not belong to the usual categories that society has recognized. To make matters easy, being measurable, deterministic, and conformed to set structures of society is preferable.

Producing a nonsensical piece of work is acceptable over a creation that defies the present sentiments and gives an in-depth perspective of human character, societal mores, and future consequences. Both are trashed by vicious criticism! Creative work is perceived to be rebellious, just because they expose frailties, repetitive mistakes, and excesses with incisive clarity; they become an eyesore.

Creative jealousy is quite common among contemporaries! Again, there is comparison and a sense of insecurity that urges them to denounce the creative competitor. A waste of time and energy, as that time can be utilised constructively to create more work. Many great artists have remained unappreciated during their lifetime for their experimental work. It is much after their time their genius was recognised and became objects of curious debates and developed some maturity to at least discuss them through literary criticism.


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