Reserved Feelings

What life seems to be and the first feelings about it are reserved 

Aware of a vault, or a rudimentary lair where they remain hidden

Looking at the crumpled notes and the faded promises through sentimental eyes

Falling once again for the fallen promises; most of them have been consumed by time

It’s a failed journey to look back when the reluctant heart has lost the map

Where and what does one seek exactly? 

It’s unpleasantness that surrounds a mind trying to make sense of life

Acrimonious feelings decay the ability to choose freely from the unrestrained world

Not much of that territory is left because of ugly encroachment

Sometimes the failings kill softly, or, at times of fanatical uprisings it can be brutal

It is impossible to fill the colours of nature, especially the faded rose

The symbol of love looks pallid and the thorns look menacing

A depleted life, once succulent, have nothing to inspire the reserved feelings


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