Looking for permanence in a world that firmly believes in rapid erosion of moments

Briefly held near the eyes, before they are taken away for reasons unbeknown to man 

It difficult reading hastily changing faces and holding on to slowness during times of urgency

The killing of desires is a violent act too; “But it’s only desires being slayed”, says a stoic voice

Searching for good in bad, while blending them together in a whirling emotion-filled time

Terrifying hurry to hold on to such transient moments as impermanence inches closer to reality

Now that no one has a role to play in a drama that is staged by few masked men who mime each other

Yesterday’s tombs are still there, speaking of a bygone era in a chilling silence 

Holding on to the costly products that will stop working, only to be dismantled by greediness

The vile smile on the faces do not give way the sinister plans to influence dichotomy


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