As Darkness Descends

Sharing the feeling with a dark room enveloped in Erebus’s emotions

Darkness pacified the Sun before flowing through the eternal space

The transmigration, witnessed through the Oracle’s crystal ball

There are no crowded passions but arises the beacon from a desirous heart

Speaking to the stars to favour the events that brighten the soul 

This pathless journey starts mildly, with trepidations, now becomes wild

Now the habitats around are sleepy and this room awakens with desires

Forgotten, they are now enkindled by the celestial beacon; the soul’s aglow

Tremulous night once spoke of early repose, rises above the disquietude

As time has no meaning now that hours have faded into eternity’s world

Arisen fate entwined with this darkness flows with the waves of Lethe

The morning that falls on the Earth’s lap will have a new meaning of life


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