Bygone Feelings

To those memories that awaken in the dreams and ultimately drowns in their deepness,

Feelings associated with names that were long extinguished breathe again for a brief moment;

But it is difficult embracing the forgotten passions in times of total darkness and despair.

Heart, even the soul feels spent due to the frantic pace of revisiting the bygone eras,

Form where the embers rekindle from the mound of ashes disturbed by the raging winds.

Tiger eyes do not help at times of such unintended fright; neither do selfish prayers help a trembling heart.

Sadness dwelling in the eyes cannot afford to rent the weeping abode any longer,

It’s time to gather all the belongings and rush out into the unknown territories of dreams.

Stained pillows will be a tarnished reminder for those moments of perilous adventure back in time,

Surrounded by all the miseries after woken up by the unusually frigid morning masking the Sun.


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