One has to Wander

Impassive eyes reflect the world in dreary colours

A world it has become, of torment, and heavy with daily feuds

No freedom to travel anymore, but to pray in disguise

Burdened tales are narrated by the anguished tongue

Thinned blood flow under the slackened skin

A brutal world avows to avenge the altruism of eternal world

All the songs and stories of love and courage have been destroyed

Some of them may have survived in coarse papers

In uncrowded places, where daring scribes still continue to meditate

Composing frantically, before the world becomes eerily dark

Eyeball to eyeball, this world plunges into fatal debt

Perpetrators form an impenetrable crowd; a malefic sign

Disconcerting images for the eyes to bear  

Where does one seek courage from?

One might have to wander away from the coercive paths

Where scribes will narrate the stories of hope


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