Poetic Chaos and Acceptance

I feel memorising poetry isn’t a great idea. They seem to crystallize in the mind as we keep on repeating them line by line, along with our own rhythm. I am not talking about the measure of poetic expression, but a unique way of reciting poetry as it enables one to recite them from memory. It’s like similar solidified particles move around in a rhythm set by the individual.

When poetry is not associated with literature, it becomes an exercise for the readers to analyse the poet’s state of mind, and even outright dislike for encouraging some uncomfortable emotions which were otherwise buried in daily distractions of life.

Poetry loses its freedom once it becomes an object of unfair scrutiny and deliberate attempt to trivialize the philosophies embedded in the feelings. It is true that confronting certain emotions require patience and fearlessness; to lay bare the heart amidst the turmoil does not feel desirable. The dislike for the poet deepens when they consistently stir the uncomfortable stillness that is a creation of stifled emotions.

The primary misconception about poetry is that each line has to be comprehended to the core. Surrounding ambiguity and obscure reality cannot wait for a late dawn, as the being is used to the periodicity of events in daily existence. That poetry is from the heart and soul is obvious, but we also neglect the fact that some poets also explore something beyond the everyday occurrences and mundane feelings and conversations. Unknown passageways created by the poet aren’t trusted for they may lead to a new type of chaos that the reader is not ready to deal with.

We cannot really deal with Anthropomorphism (a unique way of breathing human characters to non-human or surreal realities); to even call them realistic unsettles the readers as they evoke a new type of feeling. There are so many reasons to not read poetry or saying, “I really do not understand poetry”, as it gives off a vibe of a poet’s unreasonable adventure that cannot relate to worldly realities.

As we tend to get entangled in our own experiences (positive/negative) there is almost no space for any other indulgences of poetic expressions. It can be irksome to readers that there are so many feelings to challenge the status quo. Not all revelations by the poet are welcomed! People seem to resist inroads of Poetry for they may often lead to other explorations which may be time-consuming.

Language is reflective as well as incisive! Daily chores are exhausting and there is absolutely less time to devote in some meaningless wanderings initiated by a poetic composition. Rushing through a poem does not justify the depth of its creation; it is also to be brought to focus that it is not a learned behaviour either. One can study poetry, but there is always that uniqueness and poetic chaos that the poet has to surrender to eventually.


First Published on: July 22nd, 2018

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