Before Interpretations

The letters may have been re-written, 

Constructed from the deconstructed realities-

Of dogmatism, that has been given wings,

Prepared from arcane alphabets,

Stolen perspectives cordon off the premise;

Structured on a foundation of lies,

Visions bowed before coercion,

Many empty rooms echo but are unheard,

While crowded ones are bustling futility.

Midnight extends its stay,

And morning light reflects the dark sentiments.

Fertile thoughts have doubts on life-

The constricting sphere feels unrepentant;

In growing trust deficient relationships.

Denied freedom and speech,

Diminutive life pruned further haphazardly;

The abbreviated world speaks of fanaticism.

Thinking is denied, and language, the freedom;

Speaking it fluently, disseminating doctrinaire nature.

Perhaps, the littleness of being indoctrinated will be cured,

In approaching time, erasing midnight of past.


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